RockyPine Information

RockyPine made from Southern Yellow Pine which is the strongest pine structural lumber species and has the highest density of all structural Pine lumber species. It also has wood strength property same as Thai hardwood. In addition, the wood has been pass special treatment process of wood preservation which is call Copper Azole formulation. 

This Copper Azole wood treated is non-arsenic based and effective against termites and fungal decay both above ground (AG) and in-ground (GC).The preservation formulation has been in commercial use since 1992 and is now used for treated wood in 15 countries. It is now the most effective and successful alternative to CCA treated wood which is restricted use as pesticide. Recently concerns have been raised regarding the potential health risks of CCA treated timber. Therefore, Copper Azole wood treated It is an ideal choice for housing, resorts (include sea-side), garden structures, patios, decks, playground equipments, outdoor furniture, etc. 


Some advantages of RockyPine to other woods
- RockyPine price is reasonable
- RockyPine property is the same as Thai hardwood
- RockyPine is strongest pine structural lumber species
- RockyPine is highest density of all structural Pine lumber species
- RockyPine is treated wood against termites and fungal decay
- Having Premium Grade showing almost clear surface without the knots or having a
  little and small knots.
- RockyPine is treated by Copper Azole formulation which is friendly for human,
  animals and environment
- RockyPine have a life time around 50 years or above because of good protection
  from Copper Azole formulation preservation.
- RockyPine offers a natural beauty such as distinct grain pattern and an appealing
  golden color 


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