Red Pine information

Scandinavian Red Pine

-Wood age around 80 – 120 years. 
- Wood protected the termite, rot and decay of wood by impregnating pressure. 
- Wood having thin annual ring that means good density.
- Thermal conductivity is extremely low
- Good machining, gluing, painting, staining, and stability for working properties
- Wood can be used for structure of the building and outdoor work.
- Good absorbtion the sounds.

Some advantages of Natura DuraWood to other woods

- Red Pine price is reasonable
Red Pine is treated by Copper Azole formulation which is friendly for human, animals and environment
Red Pine  the durability to work because of good protection from Copper Azole formulation preservation.
- Red pine offers a natural beauty such as distinctly elaborate grain pattern.
-Natura colour of wood is light, but it can be painted to be dark colour
wood same as Teak, Wolnut, and etc.

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