Scandinavian Red Pine

Scandinavian Red Pine
              Baan Natura made from Scandinavian Red Pine or Nordic pine aged around 80 – 120 years. The wood is passed the preservative process to protect the termite, rot and decay of wood by impregnating pressure. The timber industry in the Scandinavian country is one of the main businesses and has run more than 100 years because these areas have full forest which is ready to change to be the timber. The weather of these areas is really cold as winter period around 8 months and summer is around 4 months. The cold weather is main reason that cause the Scandinavian pine is going to grow up slowly; as the result, the annual ring is very thin and the wood density is higher than the pine wood grow up in other areas. 

Part of Scandinavian Red Pine Properties
- Scandinavian pine has the good machining, gluing, painting, staining, and stability for working properties. It is normal to use Scandinavian red pine to be the structure of the building and it can be use for outdoor work. 

- Pinewood building or house has a very good thermal insulating value. It can protect the high temperature from outside area of house; therefore, the cost of using air-condition can be decreased. 

- Pine wood has a good ability to absorb the sound from the environment. For example, Spruce or white pine is used in violins because it has exceptional resonant qualities and it is favored for soundboards. 

- The pine timber is produced in the standard manufacturing having ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 supported which cause the wood has a good quality and preserve the forest.





Scandinavian red pine VS Teak 

The woods having thin annual ring and wide early wood are denser than the woods having wide ring and wide latewood.


Annual Ring of Teak (Annual ring and latewood is wide)


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